Cleanings and Exams

Dr Busby has been treating patients from Short Hills and the surrounding area for over 20 years.

When you visit us for your regular exam and teeth cleaning (prophylaxis), we will make sure that you have a comfortable and pain-free experience. You will have your teeth cleaned by one of our highly experienced hygienists, utilizing hand instruments, an ultrasonic cleaner and possibly a “Prophy Jet” (salt-based, pressured water – cleansing system).

When radiographs (x-rays) are indicated, the hygienist will expose them. Your hygiene visit will also include a soft tissue exam. Based upon the hygienists’ observations and notations, a full dental exam will take place with Dr Busby. He will examine your mouth for dental or soft tissue disease. He will review any radiographs taken by the hygienist.

We encourage patients be seen a minimum of every 6 months to maintain the best dental health possible. Many adult patients will be advised to have a dental prophylaxis every 3 – 4 months, as indicated by their periodontal (gum) status. We believe in preventing disease whenever possible!