Our Services

Cleanings and Exams

Dr Busby has been treating patients from Short Hills and the surrounding area for over 20 years.

When you visit us for your regular exam and teeth cleaning (prophylaxis), we will make sure that you have a comfortable and pain-free experience. You will have your teeth cleaned by one of our highly experienced hygienists, utilizing hand instruments, an ultrasonic cleaner and possibly a “Prophy Jet” (salt-based, pressured water – cleansing system).

When radiographs (x-rays) are indicated, the hygienist will expose them. Your hygiene visit will also include a soft tissue exam. Based upon the hygienists’ observations and notations, a full dental exam will take place with Dr Busby. He will examine your mouth for dental or soft tissue disease. He will review any radiographs taken by the hygienist.

We encourage patients be seen a minimum of every 6 months to maintain the best dental health possible. Many adult patients will be advised to have a dental prophylaxis every 3 – 4 months, as indicated by their periodontal (gum) status. We believe in preventing disease whenever possible!

Children’s Dentistry

We can’t emphasize enough, the importance of good oral hygiene from the earliest years.

The habit of caring for one’s teeth is a lifelong process and should begin as a young child. We provide complete dental care for children and teens including exams, digital x-rays (when indicated), cleaning, fluoride, gum disease prevention, sealants and cavity repairs.

We make every effort to teach our younger patients about the importance of regular brushing and flossing and educate them on the importance of good dental hygiene.

Our caring staff maintains a caring and comfortable environment so that children can learn from an early age that going to the dentist should not be a frightening experience.


With so many years experience of treating children, we are very in tune with judging growth and orthodontic development. Timely orthodontic referral enhances the chance for a successful orthodontic result.

Digital Radiographs

Digital radiographs (x-rays) are one of the newest x-ray techniques around.

With digital radiographs, film is replaced with a flat electronic sensor. The x-ray hits the sensor the same way they would expose the film. Instead of developing the film in a dark room, the image is electronically sent to a computer from which it can be viewed immediately. It is then stored on the computer and may be printed or emailed to consulting dentists or specialists.

Teeth Whitening

Nothing makes you look or feel better than a brilliant, white smile! Dr Busby uses an advanced at-home tooth whitening system so that you can permanently brighten your smile on your own schedule.

There is a significant difference between the comfort and results of dentist-designed trays, compared to over the counter, “one size fits all” trays. Home teeth-whitening program consists of custom-made trays to perfectly fit your teeth and special whitening gel. The whitening gel is placed in the tray and worn at home for short intervals. Dr Busby will create a custom tray from an impression of your mouth to ensure that your teeth get as white as possible with minimal leakage of the whitening materials. This type of gel is only available through dentists. Results are observable in just one application; though dramatic results occur with additional, multiple applications.

We do also offer the option of the same bleach in a one-use, disposable tray system, convenient for traveling and immediate use.


Porcelain veneers are very thin porcelain facings that can last for up to 20 years. They look completely natural and can correct tooth size, shape and even misalignment. Veneers can give you a stunning white smile especially when a series of side-by-side teeth are all covered with veneers. Meticulous measurements and photographs are taken to evaluate your smile needs and determine the best approach for producing a perfect smile for you. Dr Busby will select the exact size, shape and color of your veneers to ensure that they are beautiful and natural looking. The high-quality porcelain used is extremely durable and long lasting.

Porcelain veneers can correct spaces between teeth, broken or chipped teeth, unsightly, stained or “washed out” fillings, permanently stained or discolored teeth and misshapen or crooked teeth.

(Go to our “Gallery of Smiles” to see what veneers can do to improve a smile! )


Crowns are synthetic caps, usually made of porcelain, ceramics or gold, which are placed on top of the tooth.

Crowns are typically used to restore function and appearance following a restorative procedure such as a root canal. Crowns are also used to restore a tooth that has become extremely decayed and will no longer withstand the forces of chewing without the full coverage of a crown. Crowns are used to attach bridges, cover implants, prevent a fractured tooth from becoming worse, or to replace an existing filling that is in jeopardy of becoming loose or dislocated.

Crowns may also serve an aesthetic purpose when applied to a discolored or stained tooth, to restore the tooth to its natural appearance.


Bridges are natural looking dental appliances that can replace a section of missing teeth. Because they are custom-made, bridges are barely noticeable. They can also restore the natural contour of teeth allowing an improved bite relationship between the upper and lower teeth. Porcelain, gold or combinations of synthetic materials are used to make bridges.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is a tooth that feels and functions like a natural tooth. It is used where there are one or more missing teeth. It is usually composed of a titanium metal screw and ceramic crown. Not only does a dental implant fill unsightly gaps in a smile, but they also play an important role in deterring bone loss.

To devise the best treatment plan for you, we will first review your medical and dental history and conduct a thorough examination, to include radiographs (x-rays). The first step of treatment of treatment is the surgical placement of the implant post, which is generally performed by an oral surgeon or a periodontist. The next step involves the fabrication of the implant crown, which is made by Dr Busby, to match your other teeth in shape and color.

Implants blend in seamlessly and are very secure; providing a highly desirable option for many patients. Dental implants are often a better option for missing teeth than either bridges or dentures. If you face the loss of one or more of your teeth please schedule an appointment to see if you are a candidate for dental implants.

Root Canals

The pulp, which is the living part of the tooth, is made up of nerves and blood vessels. It is contained in the pulp chamber, a space inside the center of the tooth that extends down into the roots . The pulp of a tooth may become infected or die for a number of reasons such as decay, trauma, deep fillings and inflammation.

If decay or trauma causes irreversible pulp disease, a common treatment is endodontic therapy (root canal). Root canal treatment includes thoroughly debriding and removing all of the pulpal remains from the tooth. The resulting clean pulpal space is then filled and sealed.

Thanks to experience and technology, we provide fast and comfortable root canals. Dr Busby has years of experience in this procedure and he will use the latest rotary technology to make sure that your treatment will be a pain-free experience.


Teeth need to be extracted for a number of reasons; the most common being advanced tooth decay or periodontal (gum) disease.

If a tooth has decayed to a point where restorative procedures will not save it, then an extraction is necessary to protect the mouth from further infection and damage. Extractions are also performed on patients who have impacted (un-erupted) teeth or on occasion, for younger patients who do not have enough room to receive orthodontic care without removal of some teeth.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Although we constantly strive to repair and maintain our patients’ natural teeth, sometimes that becomes no longer possible, in which case we rely on removable prosthetics.

We fabricate all types of removable prostheses to include full dentures, partial dentures and single (one-tooth) replacements. We are very excited about significant improvement in denture comfort and retention with the use of select implants placed under the appliance (denture).

Removable Appliances

We constantly encourage our patients to take advantage of protective or corrective appliances such as custom sport’s mouthguards, nighttime grinding/clenching guards, sleep apnea appliances and orthodontic retainers.

We make many appliances in our office, but where indicated, a referral with a specialist will readily be made.