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We are proud to once again be honored as one of New Jersey’s Top Dentists.  Dr.  Busby was chosen by his peers who specialize in all areas of dentistry to represent New Jersey’s finest general dentists.  Our office is featured in the July 2015 issue with a wonderful editorial on page 197.  Copies are available in our office or take a look here at http://njmonthly.com/issues/july-2015-top-dentists.  




Happy Birthday Dr. Stephen Busby!

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Dr. Busby’s 60th Birthday Dinner.

We were able to celebrate Dr Busby’s 60th birthday at Scalini Fedeli this year. The evening was filled with delicious meals, wine and many laughs.  We wish Dr Busby a lifetime of health and happiness.






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Boxcar celebration for Michelle’s Retirement

Farewell is not Goodbye:


Michelle Spinelli retired as of this April – after many years of practicing Dental Hygiene.  Michelle has been part of Dr. Busbys office for 18 of those years – always on a Monday!  We have seen her three children grow up, move through the township schools, on to college; and even one wedding (so far!).  Michelle will be moving to the Jersey shore, where she already has a house looking out over the Barnegat Bay.  


While we will dearly miss Michelle, we hope to have her back on occasion as a substitute hygienist.  Michelle will also be missed by her loyal patients who regularly appointed on the days that she was working.  


Donna Kornas has taken over the Thursdays that Michelle worked – and Donna would gladly fold Michelles patients into her cadre of loyal patients!  They both have the same gentle touch and caring demeanor.  


Best of luck to you, Michelle!  



February – Children’s Dental Health Month





Because February is Children’s Dental Health Month, and because we love kids, Dr. and I (Marianne Busby) visited Kent Place School on Feb 8th to present a program on teeth! The kids were so much fun – and great learners! Did you know that children of 4 to 5 years of age should have 20 teeth? …and that adults, with all their teeth (including wisdom teeth), will have 32 teeth??

Along with that information, the Kent Place 4 year olds now know how and when to brush, the value of having good teeth, and how sugars can stick to those grooved teeth in the back of your mouth! They also learned a fun song about teeth. So if you run into a Kent Place 4 – 5 year old, ask him/her to sing you the chorus….you might just learn something, too!

We applaud Mrs. (Holly) Sethness, class teacher and patient of Dr. Busby for the wonderful students she has under her wing. She must have a fabulous effect on them, because they were a simply delightful and well-mannered audience!